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11 Acre Waterfront Resort in Charles County, Maryland

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Tide Mill LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


Tide Mill LLC (“Tide Mill” or the “Company”) was formed for the purpose of acquiring, rehabilitating, and managing Tide Mill Resort. Tide Mill is a waterfront resort in the Chesapeake Bay Recreation Area, only 40 miles from Washington DC. Located in the quaint historic town of Benedict, Maryland, the resort offers its vacationers waterfront dining accessible by car or boat, a coffee shop, deli, and bakery, daily cabins to stay in, a protected harbor with 70 boat slips, boat launch ramps, dry boat storage, a 400 foot deep water pier with 20 slips for boats of any size, daily RV campsites, showers, ships store, kayak and boat rentals, sandy beaches, picnic tables and fire pits, sand volleyball and other outdoor activities.

The Company will seek to acquire and manage this real estate asset with the intention of providing participating investors with a real estate focused investment opportunity that combines income, principal investment growth, and elements of capital preservation and securitization.

Tide Mill appears to be one of the last REO properties of its kind left over from the economic crash of 2008 in the Charles County, Maryland area.

Tide Mill LLC 506(c) Offering Platform


Tide Mill Resort is a waterfront income property comprised of two legal lots on 11 acres in Charles County, Maryland, in the Chesapeake Bay area 40 miles southeast of Washington, DC. Revenues will come from a mix of rentals from cabins, RV campsites, boat slips, restaurant food sales, bar, retail sales, boat rentals, boat storage and repair fees, and special events. Access is via Route 231.

Overall, Tide Mill appears to be one of the last REO properties of its kind left over from the economic crash of 2008 in the area. Since then, area prices have stabilized and increased for years. This presents a rare opportunity to purchase a waterfront 11 acre property with grandfathered structures and amenities at half price or more of comparable properties in the Chesapeake Bay recreation area.

The current condition of the property is poor: all structures require complete rehab and updating. This includes the lodge, cabins, garages, boat houses, decks, marina bulkheads, piers, docks, slips, jetty, helicopter pad paving, seaplane dock repair, and the harbor requires maintenance dredging. Amenities to be added are entry gates, additional access streets, pool, cabana, boat shop, store, deli, bakery, kayak rental shop, rv campsite hookups, showers, boat loading doc pad, new gas/diesel tanks and pumps, security camera system, and dry boat storage fencing.

However, there is a lot of value built into the property. It is being purchased at 10% ARV, and presents a huge upside in sales and rental income. There are special features that are grandfathered into this project such as the lodge building on the water, waterfront cottages, boathouses, piers and docks, helipad, seaplane dock, and man made sandy beaches that would not be permitted otherwise. It’s management’s opinion that this is a classic underdeveloped and underutilized property that would begin earning income six months after purchase, achieving full income capacity and rental stabilization within two years.

Management’s objective, once the purchase of Tide Mill Resort is achieved, is to complete all repairs and add the amenities to bring this to a fully functional and highly sought after area resort for enjoyment of the Chesapeake Bay waterfront lifestyle. The Resort will be advertised to cities in several surrounding states as the area’s full service resort with a coffee bar, restaurant, bakery, and deli, RV campsites, cottages, water park style pool, sandy beaches, conference center, summer camps, weddings, events, kayak and boat slip rentals. Marketing efforts will present incentives such as day passes to the pool and spa, restaurant coupons, and cabin stay deals through an easy to use iPhone instant reservation app and website portal that will use sites such as Hotels.com to boost business and create sustained income and value.

Tide Mill LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations

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James Register


As Founder and CEO of The Register Group, James directs and is responsible for multi-million dollar real estate development projects across the US from San Diego, CA to Baltimore, MD. His outstanding track record in real estate is cornerstoned by having generated more than a billion dollars in profits for a diverse group of employers, and clients alike, including Scripps, University of California; Pfizer Inc., Agouron, and Warner Lambert. James has filed patents and also authored several articles for publications with and for these companies on breakthrough, scientific discoveries on cancer drugs. In addition, James is often on Capitol Hill lobbying for more affordable and better access to drugs for people with limited incomes; and also funding of K-12 science programs. In just a few years The Register Group has become a go to management firm, specializing in turning underutilized and undervalued real estate into profit-flow projects yielding significant ROI to investors.

James received an MBA with honors from University of California-Alliant University, a BS from Oregon State University, and an AS in Construction Engineering Management from Linn Benton CC. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from the University of California. A firm believer in giving back, James has served on the boards of several non-profits; and takes pride and enjoyment in participating with Habitat for Humanity, building homes for those in need.
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Allen Carrier


Allen launched some of the nation’s largest construction and development real estate investment trusts, including REITS for $125 million McArthur/Glen Group, Washington, DC and a $100 million REIT to for Charter Oak, McLean, VA. He has consulted with the Rouse Company, Columbia, MD, and on the early expansion of Dulles International Airport for the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority. His retail development experience has been nationwide, from the beaches of Southern California to Maryland’s eastern shore. Allen continues in that role with The Register Group (RG) working on issues related to zoning, environmental impact, and urban growth; and prepares RG staff for appearances on TV news, presentations before local zoning boards, and participation in national development and retail forums.

A former Congressional Press Secretary, Carrier served US Representative Norman Mineta, a member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, who later served as US Secretary of Transportation. Allen also served as spokesperson for US Rep. James Lloyd, a member of the House Armed Services Committee. Carrier is a former White House political appointee, serving three US Presidents. He has BA degree in Journalism from American University, Washington, DC.
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Michael Darling


After a successful start in the OTC securities industry as a statistician and market analyst for the National Clearing Corporation (NCC), a subsidiary of NASDAQ, Michael started a marketing communications consultancy, Michael Darling & Associates Communications (MDAC). His client roster has included national and international REITs such as McArthurGlen Group, Horizon Group Properties, Prime Retail Inc., Charter Oak, and McArthurGlen UK. Michael has consulted with / advised leading a variety of Washington, DC based real estate developers, including JBG, the Oliver Carr Co. and Western Development Corp., along with such corporate giants as Chrysler-Plymouth, Estee Lauder Int’l, and Pfizer, Inc. At one time a legislative correspondent for US Senator Walter Mondale, Darling brings his extensive and varied business acumen and branding expertise to The Register Group, to strengthen and enhance the value of the Tide Mill brand. He has a BA in American Studies from George Washington University, and was a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Fellowship recipient.

An avid history buff, Michael is an active member in the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and the Lewes, DE Historical Society. He takes great pride in his lineal ancestors’ military service in both the American Revolution and Colonial Wars.

Tide Mill LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

Terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $1,490,000

Minimum Subscription: $10,000 (10,000 Units)

The Company is offering a minimum of 1,490,000 and a maximum of 3,500,000 Class A Membership Units at a price of $1.00 per Unit. Upon completion of the Offering between 1,490,000 and 3,500,000 Class A Membership Units will be issued and 6,500,000 Class B Membership Units will be issued to the Manager.

The Class A Membership Units sold through this Offering shall be provided a twelve percent (12%) non-compounding cumulative Preferred Return Distribution (the “Preferred Return”) paid to investors annually each fiscal year. The Preferred Return Distribution will be subject to the financial performance of the Company and Management approval. The Class A Membership Units shall also participate in a pro-rata percentage of any additional net income approved for distribution to Members. Assuming maximum proceeds are raised through this Offering, the Class A Unitholders would participate in thirty-five percent (35%) of any additional net income generated by the Company whether derived from net operating profit or from capital gains from the sale of assets.



Tide Mill LLC 506(c) Offering Platform

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